It is the time of the year again when every homeowner in Texas is looking forward to the end of freezing winter days and excited for the bright sunny days to arrive. Although you may not start feeling hot yet, the summer season is fast approaching once this beautiful spring season is over. 

As your air conditioning units were not operational during the last six months of winter, spring is usually the most appropriate time for calling for AC service in Wylie, TX. This maintenance performed during the springtime will ensure that your AC runs at total efficiency during the scorching summers.AC maintenance and Installation

Top 5 Tips for Spring AC Maintenance

Routine maintenance is usually deemed as the most significant factor for ensuring the reliable performance of your air conditioning unit and further extending its lifespan. 

Preventative measures and timely HVAC repair in Wylie, TX, can reduce the odds of high-priced AC repairs and untimely interruptions in the unit. Below are the top five tips that you can follow for your springtime AC care.  

Inspect Your Unit’s Air Filters 

Most air conditioning units hold reusable or replaceable air filters usually located inside the system or inlets. These air filters are responsible for the proper airflow at your place. However, these filters can accumulate dirt and dust due to remaining idle during summers. 

Hence, you must always wash or replace all your unit’s air filters regularly for clean airflow.

Take Off the AC Covers 

If you have kept your air conditioning unit covered during the winter season. You must now ensure to take off all the covers from your unit when the spring arrives. Keeping the unit covered at a higher temperature can harm your unit.  We also provide air conditioner repair Garland.

Clean the Condenser Coils 

The condenser of an air conditioning unit is usually located outdoors, which is a large metal case with side grills, and placed inside these grills is a fan. As the condenser is situated outside, it is more prone to dust and debris on the fan edges than usual and can obstruct the coils and reduce the airflow and productivity of the unit. 

Clean the AC Ducts 

Apart from monitoring the AC pipelines for any holes or leaks. You must also ensure to clean them as a lack of regular cleaning can foster algae and fungus growth, making your unit inefficient and prone to frequent breakdowns. Therefore, it is always recommended to clean the AC ducts during your springtime AC care. 

Schedule Routine AC Maintenance

This is one of the essential tips that you must never overlook. Scheduling routine maintenance service from a reliable contractor for HVAC replacement Rockwall TX can reduce all your hassles of self-maintenance and efficiently perform all the maintenance functions to ensure efficient working of your air conditioning unit. 

If you are unsure which HVAC company to pick for your AC maintenance in Wylie, TX, you can always contact our expert team for reliable assistance. Also, call us at (469) 380-9864 for routine maintenance assistance. 

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