How Maintenance Helps Prevent Repairs

Summertime is arriving in Texas, and that implies high temperatures and relatively high humidity. This is why every homeowner is bound to use their air conditioning units to stay cool and comfortable during this season. 

However, if your air conditioning unit is not functioning accurately, it can lead to discomfort along with various other problems. There are many reasons why an air conditioner can stop working properly, and the most prominent reason for this is not scheduling regular AC maintenance in Wylie, TX

How Can Regular Maintenance Prevent Costly Repairs?

Overlooking routine maintenance of your air conditioning unit can lead to numerous problems that can grow into costly repairs with time. This is why it is more than ever important to call up professionals for regular maintenance and AC repair in Wylie, Texas, to keep your unit in top condition. 

Mentioned below are some of the top reasons why regular scheduling maintenance can help you avoid costly repairs. 

  • Guards Major Equipment of the Unit 

It can be costly to replace an air conditioning unit, particularly when you have to perform this replacement every few years due to a major breakdown in the system. This is why it is always advised that you schedule routine maintenance, as it can extend the life of your AC unit and further prevent you from excessive repairs and replacement costs. 

In addition to this, routine checkups of the unit can further reduce the requirement for emergency assistance. A proficient and skilled professional will inform you of any damaged equipment or need for servicing or component replacement during this routine maintenance. This assists you limit damage and avoid an emergency repair call.

  • Reduces the Stress on the System 

Not scheduling routine maintenance can make the ducts and filters of the air conditioning unit dirty and clogged with dust and debris. This accumulation of dirt and dust can give the internal components of your unit a hard time functioning effectively. 

In addition, it can further increase the pressure on the internal components leading to breakdown and malfunction. 

This is why it is imperative to call up a professional for AC maintenance in Wylie, TX, as it can decrease the stress building up on the internal components of your air conditioning unit and allow them to function more efficiently.  

  • Energy Savings and Enhanced Efficiency 

Regular maintenance can keep your air conditioning unit operating at optimum potential. In addition, it can further assist this one of the most significant electrical appliances to save energy and reduce your utility expenses. 

In addition to this, regular upkeep of an air conditioning unit and identifying the problems early can enhance efficiency and prevent costly repairs. 

It can be concluded that scheduling regular maintenance is extremely important for the optimum performance of your air conditioning unit. 

If you are looking for a professional technician for your installation, maintenance, and AC repair in Wylie, Texas, choose us for the most high-grade assistance. You can call us at (469) 380-9864 or email us at for booking a maintenance appointment. 

5 AC Maintenance Tips for the Spring

It is the time of the year again when every homeowner in Texas is looking forward to the end of freezing winter days and excited for the bright sunny days to arrive. Although you may not start feeling hot yet, the summer season is fast approaching once this beautiful spring season is over. 

As your air conditioning units were not operational during the last six months of winter, spring is usually regarded as the most appropriate time for calling for AC service in Wylie, TX. This maintenance performed during the springtime will ensure that your AC runs at total efficiency during the scorching summers.

Top 5 tips for spring AC care 

Routine maintenance is usually deemed as the most significant factor for ensuring the reliable performance of your air conditioning unit and further extending its lifespan. 

Preventative measures and timely HVAC repair in Wylie, TX, can additionally reduce the odds of high-priced AC repairs and untimely interruptions in the unit. Mentioned below are the top five tips that you can follow for your springtime AC care.  

  • Inspect your unit’s air filters 

Most air conditioning units hold reusable or replaceable air filters usually located inside the system or in the in-lets. These air filters are responsible for the proper airflow at your place. However, due to remaining idle during summers, these filters can accumulate dirt and dust. 

Hence, you must always wash or replace all your unit’s air filters at regular intervals for clean airflow.

  • Take off the AC covers 

If you have kept your air conditioning unit covered during the winter season, you must now ensure to take off all the covers from your unit when the spring arrives. Keeping the unit covered at a higher temperature can harm your unit. 

  • Clean the condenser coils 

The condenser of an air conditioning unit is usually located outdoors, which is a large metal case with side grills, and placed inside these grills is a fan. As the condenser is situated outside, it is more prone to dust and debris on the fan edges than usual and can obstruct the coils and reduce the airflow and productivity of the unit. 

  • Clean the AC ducts 

Apart from monitoring the AC pipelines for any holes or leaks, you must also ensure to clean them as lack of regular cleaning can foster the growth of algae and fungus, which can make your unit inefficient and prone to frequent breakdowns. Therefore, it is always recommended to clean the AC ducts during your springtime AC care. 

  • Schedule routine maintenance

This is one of the essential tips that you must never overlook. Scheduling routine maintenance service from a reliable contractor for HVAC repair in Wylie, TX, can reduce all your hassles of self-maintenance and efficiently perform all the maintenance functions to ensure efficient working of your air conditioning unit. 

If you are unsure which HVAC company to pick for your AC service in Wylie, TX, you can always contact our expert team for reliable assistance. Also, call us at (469) 380-9864 for routine maintenance assistance. 

What Is HVAC Repair? Best HVAC Repair Services In Wylie, TX

You will need to get your air conditioning fixed at some point during your life. You have no choice but to search for HVAC repair services in your area during this period. But, exactly, what does HVAC stand for? What is the method behind it? Do businesses that provide these facilities solely concentrate on air conditioning repair? Or do they even have services related to your heating system? With that in mind, here’s what you need to know about HVAC repair in Wylie, TX.

What exactly Is HVAC repair?

When you need air conditioning services, you will almost certainly contact an HVAC company to complete the task. HVAC firms, on the other hand, do more than just ac repair. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning are abbreviated as HVAC. An HVAC service company can be able to fix any part of your home ventilation system. The HVAC system meets your home’s heating and cooling needs.

While the words HVAC and furnace are often used interchangeably, it’s important to understand that an HVAC device and a furnace are not the same things. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning are abbreviated as HVAC. In essence, one HVAC system comprises three separate home systems that can be assembled separately.

What are the responsibilities of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning companies?

● They can install your HVAC systems.

Getting a new HVAC device is a fantastic idea. However, there is some good news for you before you need to install it! You are not required to mount the self-contained air conditioning on your own. It’s also suggested that you hire experts to support you.

● Contact them if your air conditioner needs to be serviced

The most important feature of your home’s HVAC system is to keep you warm and comfortable. These devices not only have absolute air and heart to make your home more comfortable, but you also use them all the time.

● They’re in charge of the air conditioning repairs

The more you use your HVAC machine, the more likely it is to break down and wear out. Would you want to spend a couple of thousand dollars on a new HVAC system? So, the safest course of action is to get your HVAC systems serviced regularly. These inspections will be considered part of the routine maintenance to ensure that the system lasts as long as possible.

When your HVAC systems can no longer work, you have no choice but to have them fixed! You can be tempted to look for solutions online and repair them yourself. However, if you want to go your way, you can end up causing more harm than good.

Martin Heating and Air Conditioning should be considered when it comes to any form of HVAC repair in Wylie, TX. They are not only one of the best in their area, but they also guarantee 100 percent skilled work and performance.

5 tips for Springtime AC care

Most air conditioners are built to last and are intended to keep you cool all summer. However, some homeowners may need a reminder to check their air conditioners to see if there are any issues. Particularly if their air conditioner needs AC repair in Wylie, Texas.

Before the weather gets too hot, here are some common repairs that your air conditioner may require – 

5 Easy Tips for Springtime AC Care

Tip 1 –  Pay Attention to Your Filter

Do you recall your air filter? That bothersome part in your air conditioner that you have to change every few months for it to perform properly? It’s likely covered in dust, which needs to be removed before your air conditioner turns on for the season.

Take a look at the air duct and your air filter before turning on your air conditioner for another hot summer. How does it appear? If your filter is in poor condition, now is the time to replace it so that your system can get off to a good start.

Tip 2 –  Begin With a Low-Key Approach

Too many homeowners want to get their air conditioners up and running right away, which leads to complications. They’ll turn it on full blast and crank it down to the low 60s the moment they get a chance. This isn’t reasonable; it will waste time and money, and it’s simply not feasible. An air conditioner can only cool to roughly 20 degrees below the ambient temperature.

So, on that first 90-degree day, don’t expect your system to cool your home below 70 degrees. However, if your system is having trouble cooling your home at all you definitely should call us for our services.

Tip 3 –  It’s a Noisy Situation

On the first hot day of the year, we receive several inquiries from homeowners who were unaware of how noisy their air units were. A noisy air conditioner is bad, whether it’s a problem from the previous season or one that’s just surfaced today. Our team can pinpoint the issue, repair or replace the broken component, and get you back on track.

Tip 4 –  It’s Pricey!

An unresolved problem might cause an air conditioner to lose efficiency. There’s something wrong with your air conditioner if it’s constantly running and sucking up all of the electricity in your home, causing the bills to spike. However, we can assist you with this!

Tip 5 –  It isn’t Well-Maintained

This isn’t a major repair, but it’s required nonetheless. Every year, an air conditioner needs to be serviced. Spring is the ideal time to get this service completed so you can avoid these issues occurring in the summer.

Martin Air and Heat offers one of the best AC repairs in Wylie, Texas that focuses on your HVAC needs as a priority. Their focus is to help you save money and obtain quality home comfort solutions for years to come. Contact them now on (469) 380-9864!

Importance of Maintaining Your AC

During earlier times, air conditioners were considered a luxury that only the rich could afford. However, things have changed greatly since then as they are now considered a necessity that a lot of individuals require to survive the summer heat. Relaxing in the comfort of your home, an ac produces a comfortable environment for you to enjoy. But to achieve this, your ac has to be well maintained and in peak condition; otherwise, you face the likelihood of it shutting down. Calling for an AC maintenance Wylie TX will ensure that the technicians inspect your ac thoroughly and solve an issue that it may have. Without it, your ac is unlikely to live its entire lifespan.

Why is an AC Maintenance Important?

Not only does having your ac maintained benefit you, but it also ensures that your ac remains in top condition for when you need it. If not, there is a high possibility of you having to call for a new ac installation in Wylie, TX. Some of the other reasons ac maintenance are:

Improves Your Health

Having your ac maintained regularly helps improve your well-being and that of your family. If not, there is a high possibility of your ac beginning to wear out, which could then affect its parts. This can cause the filtering system to stop working, releasing dust particles and contaminating the air of your home. To avoid this, it is better to have AC maintenance, Wylie, TX done.

Prevents Discomfort

The whole point of having an ac is to keep you cool and comfortable during the summer months. However, an ac that has not been maintained properly is more likely to break down at some point in time. Not only can this be frustrating, but it can also disrupt a person’s comfort level. Ac maintenance will help improve your comfort level by keeping you relaxed as your ac works properly.

Helps to Save Energy and Increase Efficiency

One of the main drawbacks of a worn-out ac is that it takes a longer time to cool up the room. This means that its efficiency level has gone down and that it is unable to function properly. This, in turn, could lead to a spike in your electricity bill. An ac maintenance Wylie TX will help you save on energy costs by increasing your system’s efficiency.

Extends The System’s Lifespan

The average lifespan that ac has is between 15-20 years. However, if an ac receives a proper maintenance service, it can last longer. A well-maintained ac can function for a longer time before it starts to wear out. However, if you realize that the amount of repairs your ac needs has increased, then it is time to look in for a new ac installation in Wylie TX.

Martin Heating and Air Conditioning are among the top well-renowned HVAC companies that pride themselves on fulfilling all their customer’s HVAC needs. With the innovative tools and updated products, please choose from the array of services they provide by visiting the website for more details.

Benefits of Having Your AC Repaired

With summer around the corner, it is time to have your ac checked and repaired to prepare for the extreme heat you are about to face. Nothing can be more frustrating than having your ac shut down when you need it the most, especially at night. Considering that a shutdown can happen at any time, it is better to avoid the situation from happening rather than face the consequences. 

Having an AC repair Wylie, Texas, allows the technicians to solve whatever problem you face rather than wait for it to worsen. Not only can this be expensive later on, but it can also be time-consuming, which may disrupt your already busy schedule.

Why Should You Get Your AC Repaired?

There are many reasons why it is good to call for ac service in Wylie, TX. Not only will they inspect your ac in search of issues you might be facing, but these services also provide the best solution to help repair the problem. Some of the benefits of an ac repair are:

Helps Lower Indoor Humidity

Many people think that the only purpose of ac is to help cool down their home. While this is true, an ac that is repaired and in good condition can also help reduce your home’s humidity level. This is done by removing the excess water that is present in the atmosphere. A home with a high humidity level tends to have mildew and mold sprouting up in various corners.

Prevents Bugs

Apart from suffering from the excessive heat, summer is also the time that all types of bugs come out to play, especially mosquitoes. A system that requires you to call for an ac repair in Wylie, Texas, means it is not good. This would require you to leave your windows or doors open more frequently, resulting in bugs entering your home. To avoid this, ensure that your ac is maintained and repaired regularly. 

Improves Indoor Air Quality

When you use an ac that has not been checked or repaired, it can lead to a reduction in your indoor air quality. This could cause harm to you, your family, or even your pets. Calling for ac service in Wylie, TX, will ensure that all necessary pipes, ducts, and filters are cleaned. These will prevent your air from getting contaminated or even release any other type of airborne hazards. 

Helps with System Upgrades and Add-ons

Calling for an ac service Wylie TX allows you to decide if you want to have your system upgraded or other accessories added. For example, these services would allow you to opt for a smart thermostat. These programmable devices allow you to decide when your ac should turn on and off, thus saving energy costs. A repair service will help you decide if your ac can handle the add-ons or if an upgrade is required. 

Martin Heating and Air Conditioning are some of the top HVAC companies that have been in the industry for the past 15 years. The company ensures that each person receives the best, pocket-friendly services. For those interested, please visit their website for more details.

Know About The Problems Your AC Can Face

The cozy winter is now following the last few steps of its course before it bids you goodbye. Subtly, the weather will make a transition by the end of the cold season in Wylie. Heater makes your winter pleasant; your air conditioning will take its place in the summer. 

Just to hedge your bet, do you mind checking if everything is fine with your air conditioning? Probably, you may need an  AC service in Wylie, TX. Be prepared just before the oppressive summer begins. 

Many Ways Your AC Can Encounter Problems

You can detect many of the AC errors with routine servicing. Most of which can get fixed with a small repair. Hence, it’s important to have some information about a company offering the best AC services in Wylie, TX. Nevertheless, we will also tell you about some preventive measures. 

Air Filter

It is a crucial component of any equipment involved in airflow. Clogged and dusty air filters can put pressure on the AC. Eventually damaging the internal components.

Faulty Motor

The motor of the AC compressor drives the fans of the system. The indoor heat is expelled out in a two-way function while the outdoor air is cooled and blown into the room. A faulty motor, thus, can require an  AC service in Wylie, TX

Air Ducts

The ducts that carry the cold air from room to room are spread out over the house. Due to aesthetics, they are installed above the ceiling or through the walls. Anything can go wrong with these ducts, and the common cause of duct leakage is rodents. 


Just to save the complexity of technical terms, you should know that refrigerant carries out the main function in your AC. Your AC won’t do its job if the refrigerant doesn’t switch between gas and liquid. When it starts leaking, you need an AC service in Wylie, TX

Preventives to Keep Your Air Conditioning Healthy:

A well-maintained AC is not meant to cause problems often. It’s known to last for years. Yet, we can take some preventive measures so that it lasts long and doesn’t break down.

Filter cleanup

For months, when you make use of your AC, you must spend some time filter cleaning. When the outside air is drawn in and cooled, it goes through a filter before the breeze reaches you. Although it’s a very simple to-do-at-home process, you can always ask  AC service in Wylie, TX for this. 

Routine tune-ups

There are enough AC service providers in Wylie, TX, to perform routine maintenance. These maintenance calls are vital for the working of your AC. Since it involves inspection and cleaning of its internal components. 

Excessive Use

We know that the summers in Wylie can have peak levels sometimes. However, don’t expect your AC to bring snowy weather to the house. Give your AC some love and use it wisely.  

Need a service?

Martin’s Heating and Repair is a well-known AC service in Wylie, TX, for its prompt and professional action. Check out Google reviews reflecting our service quality. Give us a call for the best  AC service in Wylie, TX


A Guide For AC Installation

Now that the summer season is approaching, we know that you are excited to go to the beaches. Although it might be months to go, enjoying the summer at a beach in Wylie is comforting, one of the things you look forward to in summer. If that’s how you plan to spend the summer days, what about the rest? Especially when you are at home?

We know that the thought of sweltering at home isn’t giving you pleasant sight. Whether your old AC needs a replacement or you are moving in somewhere, we got you covered. Please stick with us till the end to get a complete guide for an easy AC installation in Wylie, TX

Common Types of Air Conditioning Systems for Homes

Numerous air conditioning systems available in the market. We’ll tell you later what points to consider when you go for Ac installation in Wylie, TX. Before that, let’s know which systems are available for homes. 

Hybrid Air Conditioning

This system does the job of heating and cooling in the same setup, hence the name hybrid. This type has gained attention in the past years due to efficient performance. However, this type of AC is not prevalent due to the high cost of setup.

Split AC system

It comprises an indoor unit and an outdoor unit connected through tubes. It comes in different capacities depending on the cooling space requirement. One advantage of the split AC is that it eliminates the need to install ducts.

Window AC

Like the split system, the window AC has the outdoor unit attached to the indoor one. As the name goes, it is installed on the window. The AC compressor makes considerable noise; hence window ACs are noisy. 

Portable Air Conditioner

Amongst the available AC installation options in Wylie, TX, one is portable AC. Since it has only one unit, it can be moved from places. However, it needs a window through which air tubes can be directed outside. 

Follow This Before You Decide Which One to Install.

  • Smaller room: If you are looking to cool a small portion of your house, it’s better to consider a split, window, or portable with low capacity. You will end up paying more for the bigger unit and later for the power bills.
  • Entire house: The best solution for the entire family can be a hybrid HVAC system. The installation can be tedious and costly. However, this system can keep you warm and cool for years. 
  • Current technology: Apart from the conventional ACs, there is a type of solar-powered AC available too. These models are very energy efficient. 
  • Inspection by professionals: Companies providing AC installation in Wylie, TX, help customers make the correct choice. Hence, it is advisable to let the expert inspect your house and give you a better suggestion. 

Martin’s Heating and Air Conditioning

Since 1967, Martin’s heating and Air Conditioning has been providing incredible services to the customers. Guaranteed high-quality work by us sums up all that one is looking for. Discover more and pick us as your first choice for an AC installation in Wylie, TX.